I’ve started an attempt at eating healthier and adjusting my treat yo’ self all the time lifestyle to occasionally, because #health.  In the mean time, of course all I’ve seen is delicious places to brunch.  I felt like it was only appropriate to share all the places I’ve eaten or eyeing for your next cheat meal or brunch with the ladies! View Full Post



I’ve been going to the beach this summer more than I have in the past 10 years of my life.  My family and I have never been huge beach people, and although I love it, I never found myself there.  Since I used to go to the beach for what seemed like once a presidential cycle, I’ve started to learn more about proper skincare for the harsh Florida sun since I’ve been going more frequently. View Full Post


My Instagram has had a lot of food and drink content lately.  The #Broskybakes highlight has been put to some good use lately with some more or less lacking in the beauty department but nonetheless delicious recent creations!  I often find myself spiraling down a cooking tutorial rabbit hole on YouTube late in the evening before I fall asleep, and one night I found this video from Bon Appétit.  View Full Post

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Hey y’all! Just wanted to come on here and update you on some exciting news! 

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How was your weekend? Mine was filled with a lot of Z’s catching up from spring break travel. View Full Post


Incoming lots of pics! View Full Post

Spring break was filled with adventures for me.  From cave diving to mountain climbing, this Florida girl was out of her comfort zone, but the memories and experiences were all worth it! View Full Post


Happy Monday everybody!  Hope you had a good start to your week.  I am so happy it has warmed up a little this week, my tropic conditioned self was about to turn into an ice-cube.  This has been a super relaxing week coming off the LSAT, I feel like it’s as if I had been holding my breath for a long time and after I left, it just let it out.  That’s deep.  Let’s get back to the regularly scheduled program. View Full Post

I’m really into Valentine’s day for the half off candy on the 15th, but if you got yourself a dime piece, it’s always nice to show them you care with a little token!  For me, I’m going to pull an Ariana Grande and spoil my friends with my riches…or some version of that LOL.  How are you celebrating this year? View Full Post


As you know, I am now a Great British Bake Off-aholic and this dessert caught my eye! I know what y’all are thinking, pav-whata?  This sounds really fancy, but I’m telling y’all this is the perfect simple show-stopper dessert that you probably already have all the ingredients in your fridge.  View Full Post


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 This weekend has been so nice to play catch up and relax the first week of the year. I feel like my work week was so discombobulated having New Year’s in the middle of the week. View Full Post


sports bra | leggings

My theme word for the holiday season was the C words; Cookies, Carbs, and Casseroles. My new theme word for post holiday season is the worst C word: Cardio. View Full Post

This year has just flown by!   It was such a difficult task to condense all my favorite moments/picks of 2018 by looking back at old pictures and rehashing memories for this post. View Full Post


I love to bake. One of the best parts of the holiday season to me is that there is A LOT of it. I have no preference candies, cakes, pies, bars, gimme all the yumminess. One of the recipes that I have enjoyed Thanksgiving through Christmas is my family’s Sweet Potato Pie. I know what some of you are thinking, Sweet Potato? For realzies? But trust, this is about to change your world. View Full Post


Okay so this past week in the news. Can I say wig or WIG?  I feel like all my friends are just ready to send me to Siberia if I say one more thing about the Supreme Court nomination process that’s going down in D.C. View Full Post


I feel like this summer is quickly coming to a close and I am so excited for the fall! Buying my permit today made me yack, but the overall enthusiasm remains the same.

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One fun fact I learned in Miami is that people are very well acquainted with their car horns!  That’s one of the reasons why it’s nice to come home to a town where the majority of the noise is coming from the occasional passing train.   Although I would gladly slip away to hustle and bustle again to re-visit these places.   View Full Post


The early access sale is here! Looking at the Nordstrom sale can be a little overwhelming, so I’ve compiled some of my favorites from each category to give y’all what I feel are the highlights provided this year! View Full Post


Wednesdays make me happy because even though it’s one of my longest work days, I know once I get over the hill of the day that it’s a fast track to the weekend.  I feel like this past week has been pleasantly slow, two weeks ago my brother had his appendix removed, and that’s been on the front burner in the past days for our family. View Full Post

Summer weather is a fickle season in Florida.  One moment it’s pouring rain and the next it’s sunny and delightful.  Thankfully, last week we got a little break from the downpours and could enjoy some summer sunshine. View Full Post

To me Memorial day is a good marker for the start of summer in Florida.  It never seems to dip below 70 at this point and that is something else to be thankful for this holiday season.   View Full Post

I hope you all had a happy Mother’s Day!  My Mama has always been an example to me in the chicness of modesty and how to carry yourself with grace and dignity.

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This has been such an interesting week.  I feel like I’m definitely feeling more like an official adult when sleeping in to me sounds more like 7:30.  I did work more this week since class is dismissed, but I really didn’t mind since View Full Post

This semester has definitely been a real bear and I’m so glad that things are starting to slow down. Since summer is just around the corner there are so many different things I’m really excited to share with y’all that have been on my radar over the past month: View Full Post

Recent Beauty Buys


So, I was running out of a few things in my makeup collection and I needed to use a couple of gift cards I had gotten for Christmas and I thought that would be a good opportunity to try out some new products! View Full Post

I feel like planning a date is hard enough in everyday life, so especially on Valentine’s day creating a fun, interesting, creative date can put some extra pressure  View Full Post

Valentines day


Whether you’re getting together with your gal pals, or hanging with your honey, everyone wants to be looking good on Valentine’s day! I’m so thankful for View Full Post

We are in the middle of award season which means there are tons of awesome new shows and movies to watch. I find a good TV series is something I enjoy more than a movie because it fits better when I only have a small window of downtime, View Full Post


One of my favorite traditions that my family does every New Year’s Eve is to go to our delicious sushi place in town, order a boat load (No pun intended – one time View Full Post

I love putting together these gift guides for y’all because I am totally visual and I need to see what is out there to actually get the inspiration
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Hey y’all! Shopping for your guy can be a little tricky sometimes. So what I wanted to do was create this guide for you, to make this Christmas season regarding your man simpler.  View Full Post


One of the best ways I’ve learned leadership strategies is watching Ted Talks. To me, I find them interesting and informative on what it means to be a great leader. I don’t think a leader is View Full Post