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DSC00527I have been so excited to be able to finally share this blog with y’all! I’m so glad that you are here and I just wanted to give a brief introduction about my blog and me.


I grew up in a military family so I moved around in my childhood! I was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but my family’s home base is in central Florida. We’ve been back since 2009. I attend a local community college in my town but this fall I will be attending the University of South Florida majoring in Criminology. After getting my Bachelors degree, I plan on going to law school to become an attorney.


I love spending time with my friends and family, baseball, any type of Asian food, and the Eagles. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and interacting with people and that’s one of the reasons that I started this blog! One of the most important parts of my life is my relationship with Christ. On this blog, I will post my thoughts, workout advice, college life, and more…but I also will be sharing my faith because in the end, everything I do is for His cause and to fulfill God’s plan for me! Living life on His foundation to me has made my life and my goals clearer, not necessarily easier, but more satisfying.


I hope you keep up with and enjoy the little things I find interesting whether it’s a new book to read or an interesting place to go, or possibly getting something out of the Scripture I share (That would be super cool!). I would love to hear feedback from y’all! You can subscribe to get notified when I post in the sidebar. I am really looking forward to sharing this chapter of my life with all of you. Thanks for reading!


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