Let’s Talk About Stress




It’s a new semester! There’s so much to get plugged into at the beginning of the year. Maybe you’re planning to join a sorority, SGA, a life-group on campus, you name it there are so many people and activities to get started with as you venture into your college career. There are also other aspects that go into the fall semester: new classes, work, ever-changing personal life, it’s a new chapter with new challenges, as well as fun!


For me, I get stressed out very easily (mostly because of my disorganized organization) and I know depending on what the stress is, to get rid of it takes doing different things for different situations. Here are some tips that I use when I feel like I need to wind-down.


I find the best thing to do is to take some moments out of your day and have a quiet time. I feel so much better once I’ve had private time with God and remember that he’s got me and the stressors I have in my life are only temporary. There are stress/anxiety related devotionals you can access easily over the Bible app, as well (for free!) on your Smartphone so, I’d definitely take advantage of that.


Another way that I relax is going for a run. Usually I run around 3-4 miles. When I’m focusing on how much the running sucks, or when I’m really into a song I’m listening to, it gets my mind off of what I’m worrying about! Plus, having the endorphins or “runner’s high” afterwards gives me enough energy to power through whatever has me stressin’ at school or otherwise. Exercise in general is a great way to relax and it’s better for you than eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby so…bonus!


The last remedy I like to utilize when I’m stressed is to find some way to be social. I’m an extrovert so just being around people makes me feel relaxed and energized even if I’m not making a ton of conversation. For some people, they may need to curl up and read a book, journal, nap, basically have their alone time; I get it! I enjoy that, too! Either way, if you can carve out some time for yourself, however you spend it, that is a great way to blow off some steam.


Above all else, my goal for my junior year is to stay organized. I feel like that is the root cause of most of my worries when it comes to school! I always have a planner to start the school year but somehow, it ends up more of a decoration by spring semester…. sometimes halfway through the fall! I know, bad. I hope you all have a great beginning to your year whether you’re just starting out or heading back!


What stresses you and what’s your favorite way to unwind?


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