Dates for the 14th

I feel like planning a date is hard enough in everyday life, so especially on Valentine’s day creating a fun, interesting, creative date can put some extra pressure on you or your significant other to make sure it’s extra perfect (gag me with a spoon). The cheese level is definitely high this time of year but, the easiest way to plan a great date is to just find something you both enjoy, and then choose something unique in that area! Honestly, I think when it’s sweet, simple, and thoughtful it’s more memorable. *Also, if you are single like me, you can incorporate some of these ideas into your Galentine’s day festivities!* Valentine’s day is more than just celebrating the Roman candle fire, Hollywood hot pink kind of love! (thanks for the quote J. Mayer)

For the foodies: Two words, Taco. Tour. I don’t really know if it gets any better than that really. If you’re local to the Tampa Bay area, that link has some awesome places to Taco-hop to with your person. You could probably do this with desserts too if y’all have more of a sweet tooth.

For the animal lovers: Remember when I said it couldn’t get better than tacos? Yeah I changed my mind. Puppies. You can’t go wrong with puppies. All About Puppies, a shelter, or any place of the like that lets you hang out with stuffed-animal like cuteness is a definite way to get the W on a V-Day date.

For the artsy: Brunch and a museum trip is a fun way to learn new things while enjoying the company of another!

For the athletic: if you’re into crazy a fit lifestyle and want to spend your day doing something productive, adventure courses are a fun way to get moving and spend time together where you almost forget you’re working out.  (Or you could just go ice-skating, much less sweaty, which is like five +’s in my column.)

For the Music lovers: See if there’s any local bands playing or see who’s coming around Valentine’s and go jam out!

For the Globetrotters: If jetting off isn’t one of your options coming up, go explore a nearby city and see things you may not have seen before!


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    Keep it up lady. You are a dream.

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