Weekend Update – Monday Edition

Summer weather is a fickle season in Florida.  One moment it’s pouring rain and the next it’s sunny and delightful.  Thankfully, last week we got a little break from the downpours and could enjoy some summer sunshine.  Last week was quite eventful for not only the world but for me personally!  Firstly (and I’m going to just go on a smidge), the blog turned one on the first which was so exciting.  The fact that there are more than two people that come to read even a word that I have to say is something I’m grateful for.  I don’t know how long this chapter will last, but having people enjoy this creative outlet has been a little joy for me this past year.  Thank y’all so much for checking it out thus far!

When I started this blog, I was in a place where I knew that I needed to create something as a way to de-stress.  At the time I was taking five summer classes to finish my AA, a near full time job, and moving three times in two or three months, along with all the aspects of my personal life, I thought the middle of it all was the best time to start a new time consuming project.  I’ve found however, it has been one of the best decisions I made in 2017.  This tool has helped me grow not only in my writing but also in my person and that is one choice I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Here’s what else caught my eye last week:

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  1. The Suicide of Kate Spade– To me, Kate’s style has been something that has played a strong influence in my personal fashion choices for as long as I can remember.  Kate Spade led the way for female fashion designers in the 90’s with her whimsical details and more affordable accessories that has boomed into the brand it is today.  It saddened me so much to hear about this fashion icon that I have looked up to since my adolescence struggled with mental health problems to the point of taking her own life.  I hope that her and Anthony Bourdain’s deaths can spark more awareness on the severity of the issue of mental health in society and create a movement to find ways to help others in need in their darkness. If you or someone else you know are having thoughts about taking your own life please call 1-800-273-8255 or go to to chat with someone in your area to receive help.
  2. Chinoiserie– I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this pattern before, but it bears repeating!! I have seen this design all over the place in home decor, fashion accessories, and clothing.  All I can say is I’m obsessed. It is so beautiful.  This vase has been something I’ve been eyeing for my future home one day.
  3. Bon Appétit– As a foodie finding this channel I’ve been sucked in.  My favorite videos have been the “Kids Try” segments, there’s this one little girl who is just so precious, I would watch an entire 15 minute video of her eating eccentric food.
  4. Basket Handbags– I love the wicker and woven handbag trend, but all the one’s I’ve seen were a little expensive.  Y’all do know that didn’t stop me from looking.  When I saw this bag on Amazon for only $35 versus the $60-$100 I had been seeing I knew I had to snatch it up for the summer.
  5. Icesmile– This rolled ice cream store is right by USF and is so good.  They have so many different flavors and it’s made right in front of you.  It was the first time I had ever tried the Thai treat, and there was nothing to disappoint.  If you’re in the area this is a must, but if you’re not see if there’s a rolled ice cream place near you.  This interesting twist on a classic treat is too good to miss out on, especially as the weather is warming up!



lrm_0061                                                                purse (similar)



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