A Night at Rocco’s Tacos


Wednesdays make me happy because even though it’s one of my longest work days, I know once I get over the hill of the day that it’s a fast track to the weekend.  I feel like this past week has been pleasantly slow, two weeks ago my brother had his appendix removed, and that’s been on the front burner in the past days for our family.Luckily, I got to carve out an afternoon for myself and a friend at Rocco’s Tacos in Tampa.  If you’ve ever had Bartaco in Hyde Park, Rocco’s Tacos has the same tapas vibes, but elevated.  Plus, if tacos aren’t tickling your fancy, they have other options too, but why would you when they are as gorgeous as these?

They do not take reservations, so make sure to get there early because boy was it bustling!  When we arived, the hostess told us that there would be an hour wait, but it was only six so we decided sometimes you must have your dessert first and this was an occasion that definitely qualified.


Thankfully, the wait was only about thirty minutes!  We opted to sit outside so we could hear each other talk, and unlike inside, there were fans to combat the heat.

The atmosphere was cozy and made you feel like you were at your dinner table at home.  What definitely stole the show though was the guac.


Truly the picture does not do it justice, but it was large and in charge.  They assemble the loveliness table side, a dinner and a show!  Honestly, it was probably the best guacamole I’ve had to date, I would go for that alone.

The tacos were amazing as well.  I ordered two chicken and one shrimp, I liked that they had the lettuce option (although after experimentation with the lettuce shells, better eaten with fork and knife!)  The chicken was seasoned and I have a very low tolerance for food that is sassy with spices, therefore it was slightly warm for me, though still delicious!  The shrimp however was the king of the trio.  I could probably have downed about ten of those and have been perfectly content.

Overall, Rocco’s was very satisfying.  Fantastic service, great food, and beautiful atmosphere.  To me, there’s nothing more I ask for in a dining experience!  I’m definitely looking forward to the next occasion I’m privileged to go visit this upscale taco house.


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