Tips for the New School Year


Over time, I always find new bits of information that make every school year a little easier.I’m a huge believer in working smarter, not harder.  Even so, trying to avoid the crazy cycle of procrastination (see this video) is often difficult with every looming semester.  Knowing myself, once the new excitement wears off, keeping up with all the day-to-day tasks will become more mundane instead of motivating.  One of the best ways to keep all my ducks in a row is through the use of a planner! I’m using one from Mary Square for the upcoming school year! I like that it has monthly goals and spaces to list for your most important tasks to complete!  I also love that it’s filled with Bible verses!

I also use a method of bullet journaling.  I take a couple of notebooks just for idea dumps for upcoming papers, blog posts, and miscellaneous lists!  I feel like it’s a place to get all of my “rough” thoughts out. There’s this really complicated trendy style of bullet journaling, but honestly how I set-up my notebooks is to underline my heading and write what’s needed underneath!


Something that takes the stress out of textbooks is Amazon. Once I gather the list of my books I rent them through Prime. It is so much cheaper and the whole system is through USF so pick up and return are a breeze! I’m not kidding about the price either, I did the math the last semester and by renting on Amazon it saved me half of what I would if I bought the books new!

Probably the most important detail besides buying the books, which probably sounds like an oxymoron, but…it’s to actually read them. I used to see “must read textbook to pass” in my syllabus as more of a challenge than a necessity. Dingus move. That is all!

I think what has made college the most fun for me is getting plugged into my major and clubs on campus. Besides all the notes, studying, supplies, and course load, making college worthwhile is who you meet along the way! Plus, utilizing what your college has for your major whether it’s research projects, academic clubs, or workshops, allows you to have better connections for future careers!


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