Weekend Update


I feel like this summer is quickly coming to a close and I am so excited for the fall! Buying my permit today made me yack, but the overall enthusiasm remains the same.

I opted for a lighter course load this summer and I’m so glad I did. It’s been nice to have a little more relaxation time instead of just work, work, work.  From family vaycays, kayaking with old friends, and making new ones this summer has been a nice refresher. Here are my top finds of the week:

1. These Jeans–  I saw these and had to get them! Besides the fact that they’re under $70, these are practically perfect for any occasion.  Jeans day at the office, casual party, date night, the list goes on, just a must have for fall!

2. The Perfect Sling Back–  This was an Anniversary sale splurge.  Love these classic         shoes!  They are a little uncomfortable for all day wear, but once broken in, I think they will be fine! Navy is such a good year round color as well.

3. New Planner–  The verses at the beginning of every month are so nice on this planner!  I always get a planner at the beginning of the year.  Keeping organized can be hard, so having a pretty planner always makes it easier.

4. Grilled Pizza– Okay so this video was a straight up party inspo.  I love entertaining (the party planner position at my campus ministry makes more sense everyday), and I saw this video and a Pinterest board of ideas came into my head!  If you haven’t considered this before, definitely check out this video for dinner or your next get together!!!

5. Scarf bun- This look on Rechael Roe was something I had to recreate.  It’s surprisingly easy.  I love finding new ways to wear scarves besides the flight attendant necktie-look!

6. Boston Red Sox- The Sox are currently the best in the league and I am stoked.  They currently have a 84-35 record!  Players weekend is coming up too and it’s so cute to see all the nickname jerseys!

7. I’m Walking Maggie– What’s cuter than babies and puppies?  Pretty much nothing.  My coworker showed me this video and we have made references all week.


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