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Okay so this past week in the news. Can I say wig or WIG?  I feel like all my friends are just ready to send me to Siberia if I say one more thing about the Supreme Court nomination process that’s going down in D.C.Oh well, it’s so interesting.  Anyways besides that, I feel like for the first time in YEARS there are a couple of movies that I actually want to go see in the theaters.  I feel like since college I’ve just become a big Netflix junkie and am really selective on the theater splurge.  Speaking of college, the Bulls are undefeated-whoop whoop.  So let’s get to the highlights of the week!

  1. This sweater
  2. This Skirt– I totally slept on this cute skirt last year, and regretted it high-key. So, when J. Crew Factory put out another version, I snatched it.
  3. SAS ASMR– Okay this is like a guilty pleasure.  Have you ever just like wandered to just a really weird side of YouTube in the middle of the night, that’s where I found this.  Anyway, it’s oddly satisfying to watch.  I don’t know how homegirl can eat all of this food, but it’s delicious looking.  What’s the most interesting thing though is she has 3 MILLION subscribers…for eating food on YouTube. The world is a strange place.
  4. A Star is Born– I’m seeing this in a couple of weeks and I’m so excited for it.  I’ve loved Bradley Cooper for a long time and when I heard the music and saw the trailer I was hooked.  Lady Gaga looks shamazing in this too, I feel like some serious bops are going to come from this.  I’ve already been head-banging to the first song they put on Spotify.
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody– Freddie Mercury, that is all.
  6. Matt Damon as Brett Kavanaugh on SNL– I know, I’m packing my bags now! Trust though, you will be like me and get a case of the giggles too.  I think it’s always nice to have a laugh during times like these, especially after those hardcore hearings.
  7. These Target PJ’s– I got separate capri’s because the shorts were a little short on me.
  8. Trump– I never thought el presidente would make a cameo over here on the blog…but this was pretty funny.  Sometimes you have to hype yourself up a little.  I was honestly disappointed it didn’t make my news station’s notable quotables of the week.
  9. Zoe Sugg’s Cordially Invited– I watched Zoella wayy back, but I saw this morning she put out the cutest coffee table book for hosting.  I love to throw get togethers and it’s an afforable treat-yo-self read!

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