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My theme word for the holiday season was the C words; Cookies, Carbs, and Casseroles. My new theme word for post holiday season is the worst C word: Cardio. I’m not someone who loves the gym because I really prefer not to fight over the machines in January,  or anytime of the year for that matter.  One of the best ways for me to have a relaxing workout is to just run.  I have been running consistently for the past three years and not only has it been a good health conscious choice, it is a part of my day I’ve come to look forward to!  My friends are always surprised when I say I go out and run 3-5 miles every workout, probably because I have the athleticism of a hippo, but I get there one way or another!  The most frequently asked question I get is “How can you run for that long without stopping?” and I’m no marathon runner and I certainly have the speed of a hippo, but I do have a few strategies on how I have built up endurance over the past few years:

  1. Just Start – It sounds cheesy but you’re never going to get anywhere just bingeing The Great British Bake Off (although I might be doing just that at this very moment).
  2. Set Time and Distance Goals – At first, this was the best way for me to gain endurance. I got an app that tells me my time and speed as I was running, I use RunKeeper.
  3. Push Yourself – Running is a mind game, so even if it is one more block, that’s one more block than you could before! Running is about competing against yourself!
  4. Find Some Tunes – I feel like I have my best runs when I’m running to my favorite playlist on Spotify. It distracts me from the discomforts of cardio and the Florida heat.

Most importantly, I feel more inclined to workout when I’m wearing something cute, supportive, and comfortable.  Here are my top picks this season:








1|2|34(grey and teal)| 5 (grey and pink)| 6 (black and white toe)|7

What are your New Year’s resolutions?


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