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 This weekend has been so nice to play catch up and relax the first week of the year. I feel like my work week was so discombobulated having New Year’s in the middle of the week. Anyone else just feel like this was the longest week ever? My word though, we are on the cusp of spring semester and this is my next to last semester before I graduate with my bachelors! Wowwy wow Wow.  However, I’m excited to get back on my normal routine.


I have not done a weekend update in forever! Here is what’s been on the brain for a hot minute!

  1.      Passion 2019– Did y’all see this awesomeness???? How amazing that people all around the world will be able to hear the gospel because 40,000 college students came together under the name above all names. So neat.
  2.      SANDRA OH WINS A GOLDEN GLOBE! – I have been a fan of her from the OG days of Grey’s and I almost got teary when she bowed to her parents, UGH!
  3.      The Great British Bake Off- I know I mentioned this in my last post.  I have been literally glued to it all holiday season…I don’t know if it’s the endearing accents or the lovely bakes. Probably both…yeah both definitely.
  4.      The World’s Last Male White Rhino Dies – I just think it’s nuts to think that Rhinos are almost extinct?? When I read this article I was sad and hopeful that maybe with conservation efforts the human race can save the remaining 5 threatened species.
  5.       The Blogger Community – Over my break I’ve been able to meet up with many different ladies. Getting to catch up and get to know others better has been an interesting experience!
  6.       The Masked Singer– This has been the coolest game show concept I’ve seen in years!  It has had my whole family bamboozled and at random points of the week we’ll randomly just look up and say “I just think it can’t be T-Pain as the monster!”
  7.       Talbots Sweater– To me, only second to the fluffernut, are corgis.  Again, obviously by now you know my affections for the British, it was just too much YAS for me to pass up.  It’s thin too so perfect for the bipolar weather I live in!

Hope you all have a good week!


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