Weekend Update


Happy Monday everybody!  Hope you had a good start to your week.  I am so happy it has warmed up a little this week, my tropic conditioned self was about to turn into an ice-cube.  This has been a super relaxing week coming off the LSAT, I feel like it’s as if I had been holding my breath for a long time and after I left, it just let it out.  That’s deep.  Let’s get back to the regularly scheduled program.


  1. Hanna on Amazon Prime– Okay if you like some serious hi-yah this one is for you.  Hanna is Prime’s new coming of age with a female centered lead and I’m in love with it.  So good and action packed!!!
  2. Amplify 2019-  I was able on Saturday to go attend Amplify in St. Pete and meet so many passionate women in business and hear even more share their stories and knowledge.  Check out my girl @lizlifts_16 on insta for some amazing fitness coaching!
  3. Spongebob and the Superbowl- Okay, I feel like we can all admit that Spongebob had some serious bops!! I’d rather have had more of Sweet Victory than knowing Adam Levine’s love for California so intimately…
  4. Zac Efron as Ted Bundy – Oh my.  This looks so good.  I’m so intrigued to see this side of the Bundy story!
  5. Valentine’s Day PJ’s– I had to snag a pair of these because they were just such a good deal for Valentine’s day.  Although the one’s I got are sold out, I’ve linked a similar pair!  I got them in and they’re thin, but it’s perfect for Florida weather!  I recommend sizing up one size.
  6. Pavlova- I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, SO GOOD, here’s the recipe if you’re interested!
  7. Rachel Brosnahan for Francis Valentine– I’ve saved this one for last. I have been obsessed with Marvelous Mrs. Maisel since I saw the first preview on Facebook.  I didn’t know she was one of my major fashion influence’s niece, Kate Spade.  I just feel like this is the sweetest tribute to family that I’ve seen in pop culture in a long time.  Not only does it pull at the heart strings, the clothes are fabulous as well!

Hope you all have a good week!


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