Favorite Spots to Shop in Tennessee

Spring break was filled with adventures for me.  From cave diving to mountain climbing, this Florida girl was out of her comfort zone, but the memories and experiences were all worth it!  One of my favorite parts of the trip *naturally* was when we had a free day and we all took to Nashville and were able to do some shopping! There were lots of places throughout the trip that we were able to stop and browse, but here were some spots where I had success!

For the Splurge Draper James

This was the spot where I was looking forward coming to the most.  When I saw the beautiful blue striped walls, I knew I saw the mothership, and my plastic started to sweat.  I’ve always loved Reese Witherspoon from the time I saw her in Legally Blonde, and seeing her creation through this fashion outlet was a shopping experience, not just a transaction. I got two tops that I can’t wait to style and share with you all on the internet webs, but I wish I could have come back with more, but as we know, we are #boujeeonabudget at the moment! (Now that just gives me an excuse to go back, 😉 )

For the Souvenirs- White Merchantile 

This is about two blocks away from Draper James, and when I walked in I automatically could tell there was something for everyone.  We were able to look through a few different gift shops before landing here with little luck, mostly just gag gifts that we giggled about for a few minutes before moving on to our next location.  However, White Merchantile had so many options from books, glasses, clothing, pins, you name it they had something Tennessee related for your gifting needs.  I got little tid bits for my family there, even something for the Fluffernut!

For the Girl on a Budget- Unclaimed Baggage Store


This is actually in Alabama, but I felt like it should be included due to its uniqueness!  The day some of us took to Nashville, others went to go check out this store!  After a certain period of time, Unclaimed Baggage aquires luggage that does not get “claimed” from different airports around the United States.  Then for a reduced price, shoppers are able to buy these different products so they don’t go to waste!  Some of my friends were able to get nice Apple Watch bands for around $20!

For the Music Lover- Ernest Tubb Record Shop

This was another stop that was a cool spot on the strip.  Filled CD’s, cassettes, records, and a small ode to Loretta Lynn in the rear of the store, to me this was the best music store in Nashville to look through.  They had bluegrass to gospel, oldies to Kasey Musgraves’ Album of the Year Golden Hour. (Which I had pre-judged until my friend shared it with me on the way home, super good!)  If you’re in the area and you have friends who love music or you’re a connoisseur, don’t forget to check it out!


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