Weekend Update

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with a lot of Z’s catching up from spring break travel. I’m actually kind of glad to be getting back to the normal routine, my adventure tank is full for the foreseeable future!

However, here are some points from the week that tickled the fancy:

1. Umbrella Academy on Netflix– While we weren’t spelunking or scaling small mountains, the girls and I were binging this. I still have three episodes left, but I’m obsessed. It is such an unique take on superheroes! If I could compare it, the show reminds me of a darker X-Men.

2. DMK Skincare– I feel like this is going to turn into “Best of Spring Break,” but I can’t not mention these products! DMK has changed the game for me. Switching from the cool mountain air back to hot and humid Florida left my face a little frazzled, but using my nightly routine and masking has sped up the process of my skin going back to normal so much faster. If you’re in the Tampa area, check out K.E.Y Esthetics, they are so hospitable and tailor your treatments just for you! If you want 15% off use code “keytoglow15” at checkout!

3. Vineyard Vines/Target Collaboration– This is one of the retailers Target has teamed up with that I’m really excited about. I’ve always wanted a piece from them but have yet to justify the cost, so I can’t wait to see what the line holds! The promo is adorable.

4. Scream Go Hero– Again a Spring Break discovery. This game you literally just scream into your phone to move the avatar along. This had my best friend and me laughing for a good 30 minutes watching other videos and trying it ourselves.

5. Sistas– To wrap up this Weekend Update: Spring Break edition, I wanted to give a little shoutout to my ladies! There’s nothing better than your girlfriends. Beyond the fun, there’s the love, and that makes all the difference.


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