How to be a Better Floridian than Me- Tips on Summer Sun Skincare


I’ve been going to the beach this summer more than I have in the past 10 years of my life.  My family and I have never been huge beach people, and although I love it, I never found myself there.  Since I used to go to the beach for what seemed like once a presidential cycle, I’ve started to learn more about proper skincare for the harsh Florida sun since I’ve been going more frequently.

My skin has always been super sensitive.  If I get too hot, I break out in hives.  If I’m out in the sun for more than an hour, I start to get pink (#palegirlsquad).  If I use a new face product, I break out everywhere.  So, I have to go a little over the top to make sure I do not become a boiled lobster.  (This past beach trip, I forgot to reapply my back and needless to say, it’s healed…but people still think it’s burnt, ouch.) Probably if you implement half of these tips, you’ll be more than set, but better safe than sorry!

Take A Tent

If you’re a frequent beach-goer, this is a must.  It gives you a little oasis away from the sun, protects your skin, and you don’t have to waste money on buying a little cabanas or umbrellas from hotels every time you go to the ocean. Just make sure you hold on to the little stakes that come with it so it doesn’t end up like this on a windy day…

Wear a Hat

There are tons of cute sun hats to wear on the beach.  I think it helps hide bed head too.

Here are some of my favorites that are super affordable! 1 2 (pictured above!) 3


This one goes without saying, but reapply sunscreen every couple hours to ensure that your skin is fully protected throughout the day.  If you’re pink at the beach, you’ll be red when you get home.

Bring a Cover-Up

If you’re not in the water or not trying to tan, just throw on your cover-up if you feel like you’re getting a bit toasty.  There are all sorts of skirts, dresses, tops, and rash guards available to protect you from UV!

Get a Good Quality Sunscreen

Protecting your skin is an investment in your future, preventing skin cancer, early aging, and the elasticity of your epidermis are just a few reasons to lather up with at least SPF 50 from a good sunscreen.  I use Coppertone Sport but I also have heard that Sun Bum is also a good brand for those who prefer a more natural product!


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