Fun Places to Brunch in the TPA Area

I’ve started an attempt at eating healthier and adjusting my treat yo’ self all the time lifestyle to occasionally, because #health.  In the mean time, of course all I’ve seen is delicious places to brunch.  I felt like it was only appropriate to share all the places I’ve eaten or eyeing for your next cheat meal or brunch with the ladies!

Oxford Exchange


SO yum.  Not only was the food amazing, the atmosphere was interesting and there was lots to do.  Especially if you’re like me and my best friend and forget to get reservations!  So, definitely do that, but other than the wait the service was great and the menu had all different types of accommodations for dietary needs to provide inclusivity!

Armature Works

I have frequented this establishment many a time this summer because it is muy delicioso.  My favorite part is that since it is a food court environment, all of your friends can get what they want!  To me, it’s really interesting to see how different your friend’s tastes are that day because there is so much to choose from.

Born and Bread Bakehouse 


I CAN NOT WAIT TO GO HERE. It is based in Lakeland and has special hours and all I see are lines out the door.  If it has butter and flour, um, I want it.  There is so many yummy looking pastries here and my mom and I are in the process of planning a date!



I remember when my Dad treated us to this place a minute back and it was SO GOOD.  They have everything from house made chocolates, chicken and waffles, donut burgers, ugh amazing.


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