I’m really into Valentine’s day for the half off candy on the 15th, but if you got yourself a dime piece, it’s always nice to show them you care with a little token!  For me, I’m going to pull an Ariana Grande and spoil my friends with my riches…or some version of that LOL.  How are you celebrating this year? View Full Post


As you know, I am now a Great British Bake Off-aholic and this dessert caught my eye! I know what y’all are thinking, pav-whata?  This sounds really fancy, but I’m telling y’all this is the perfect simple show-stopper dessert that you probably already have all the ingredients in your fridge.  View Full Post


top | scarf (similar) | jeans (under $100!) | shoes

 This weekend has been so nice to play catch up and relax the first week of the year. I feel like my work week was so discombobulated having New Year’s in the middle of the week. View Full Post


sports bra | leggings

My theme word for the holiday season was the C words; Cookies, Carbs, and Casseroles. My new theme word for post holiday season is the worst C word: Cardio. View Full Post

This year has just flown by!   It was such a difficult task to condense all my favorite moments/picks of 2018 by looking back at old pictures and rehashing memories for this post. View Full Post